Unique Robot Fribo

Modern scholars of social relations and the social involvement of modern society in all its diversity, in one voice, state that despite the current high level of social cohesion on the Internet and with the help of Internet technologies, modern society is increasingly becoming socially alienated. This gives rise to an interesting paradox in which a person can at any moment find new social connections, but does not do so for various reasons. One of these causes is quite serious, and it is the personality of a person – just as not all people are willing to equally willing to share their personal social space.

Thinking of this growing trend, the talented robotics team from Younesse University in South Korea has developed a unique work by Fribo, whose main role is to restore social engagement of people to one another and to society as a whole. However, the task within the functional of this work is carried out in a special way, on the one hand, allowing people to freely share events from their personal life, and on the other hand allows you to remain in a secure, personal area.

Functioning as a kind of radio beacon with voice commands and handwriting, the Fribo robot is designed to help those users who are increasingly experiencing increasing social exclusion from society and even from their friends, helping them to establish contact in a new way, using modern technologies of artificial intelligence. It is worth noting that the robot is truly a unique product.

Even though it has a rich set of sensors, sensors and intuitive controls, it can not only send audio signals from one user to another, but also through an audio stream to broadcast events occurring from one user, as well as using the built-in system set of algorithms, communicate effectively on both sides. The fans of the inclusive social circle will probably appreciate that!