Tesla is already preparing a new model of electric vehicle Model Y

Apparently, the company Tesla Motors, owned by Ilon Mask, will soon see a significant expansion of production capacity – and the news this time relate not to the Model 3 model, but to the new Model Y, which, according to some analysts, will begin production in early November current year. Such rumors actively spread after the publication of the official statement by Ilona Mask that, with the adaptation and improvement of the Model 3 model, Tesla had some other priorities in the development and creation of even more technologically efficient and safe self-governing electric vehicles for general use.

In addition, the online edition of Reuters, which first managed to touch on preliminary information about plans to expand the range of vehicles of the company Tesla, notes that in fact the advertising campaign for Model Y has already begun and now Tesla is in an active search for investors. The unattractive story with Model 3 did not stop the engineering team from reviewing some of the technical and technological subtleties, thus deciding to shift its focus to creating an entirely new model of electric vehicle – which is designed to become in some way “work on bugs.”

It is known that basically the new Model Y model will have the same technical and management base as Model 3, but the most important and revealing changes should primarily concern artificial intelligence. At the moment, Tesla Motors has already started distributing orders to its suppliers of resources and materials.

It is expected that the new Model Y, which is just preparing for the official announcement, will be much more multifunctional in terms of management and in terms of its technological purpose – thus encompassing an even larger circle of potential users. It remains only to wait for the announcement and hopes that the starting cost of the car will be a factor in favor of its acquisition in the modern market of self-controlled electric vehicles.