Samsung IT school

The IT sphere literally captured most of the world with its innovations and unrealistic revolutions. This is not surprising, because the IT industry does not stand still and is constantly evolving. A lot of young and even worse people want to get into this sphere, and this is quite real if you try.

Thanks to the company Samsung in Ukraine for two years free schools work, which are prepared from young amateurs of technologies of future professionals in the field of IT. How schools work, can become part of them and how to get there – read below.

The mission of the school

Samsung’s IT school is an educational project of Samsung, implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, is aimed at developing the IT sphere in Ukraine as a whole and for training students in programming in particular.

Samsung has long occupied its niche in the social sphere of Ukraine and has been conducting educational campaigns for more than a decade (Samsung’s project for knowledge). In 2016 the company opened the first IT schools for schoolchildren in several Ukrainian cities. In them senior students can get absolutely not only basic knowledge in the field of programming, but also have the opportunity to develop their own projects.

Among the main skills that the school develops in students – information literacy and algorithmic thinking. For students of the upper grades, they are determined with the choice of the future profession and are preparing to enter higher education institutions, obtaining this knowledge will be especially useful.

In addition, the IT school of Samsung is an opportunity for talented high school students to reveal their potential and make the first confident step in a profession that has become the most sought after in the world and the basis for the development of the entire planet.

Where do schools work?

Samsung IT-School is a global initiative in which more than 2,500 such schools operate in different cities around the world. In Ukraine, the first two classes opened in Kiev in 2016, and in 2017-2018, after the successful launch of the program in the capital, the company expanded the geography of the project and the “IT school Samsung” began in three other cities of Ukraine – in Vinnitsa, Lviv and Dnieper .

IT schools are specially equipped classes in five secondary schools, each with 16 workplaces (15 students and 1 teacher).

In their schools, Samsung has brought together the main components of the successful implementation of the educational project: modern technology, qualified teachers and motivated students.

What is taught in the IT-school Samsung?

The program consists of 5 main modules, designed for one academic year. Students are taught the basics of programming in Java and C ++, the basics of information security, an introduction to the World Wide Web and database management systems using the example of SQLite.

In the form of final exam students are asked to create a mobile application on Java for Android. Therefore, the graduates of the IT-school, who have successfully completed training in 2016-2017, now can boast of their own finished product. These are programs and games that can be monetized and released for a wide audience. Some students continue to work on projects after the vipuskut plan to link their future with the IT field.

Training is conducted by employees of the Ukrainian Center for Development and Research Samsung, as well as practicing programmers who communicate with students on an equal footing and create an environment for teamwork. There are no assessments in the school and the traditional educational hierarchy, where the teacher stands over the students. Here, preference is given to learning in a relaxed atmosphere, where the teacher is a mentor and a friend.

How to become a student of the school?

IT-schools are designed for students of grades 8-11. To become a student of one of the schools working in five cities of Ukraine, you need to apply online for the site and take the entrance exams.

How to become a teacher of this school?

Part of the IT-school Samsung can be not only schoolchildren, but also professional programmers who will have the opportunity to become mentors for the younger generation and get a useful experience.

IT-school Samsung is a real chance for every talented child to start building his future today, to study easily and interestingly. This is an opportunity to support the desire
schoolchildren to technology and direct it to the right track thanks to equipped schools and experienced teachers.