Ready-made site templates: pros and cons

The advantages of ready-made templates are that for the independent work on them enough skills of the average PC user and they really save time, as a good designer usually takes 5-15 days to prepare a web page of similar quality. For many, important is the fact that when using ready-made templates, the cost of website design is either very low, or none at all (if you download the template for free).

Paid site templates usually include a full set of pages for creating a finished project, are provided with appropriate layers and pictures and contain all the necessary files for editing, with which you can change the graphics of the design. Free website templates are basically provided as one web page and its required files. Downloading site templates is usually very simple. And their choice is quite rich for various engines, the most popular of which: Joomla, WordPress, Typo3, Drupal, DataLife Engine.

Of the cons of ready-made templates, the obvious is that they are not exclusive products and are not removed from the site after downloading.

And now let’s remember about the troubles that you can expect when using free templates, and which you do not even suspect. As an example, take a simple and reliable, and therefore very popular WordPress engine. There are a lot of offers of free WordPress templates on the Internet and this alone is a little worrisome. It is clear that the services that create WordPress templates and offer them for free, associated with the developers of this engine and are interested in advertising. But what is the interest of those sites that are not connected with the wordpress themselves, but actively offer free download templates for all those who wish to download the template for this engine.

The most perspicacious and inquisitive webmasters discovered that some enterprising comrades steal other people’s patterns and hastily rework them, with a very dubious quality. But the main thing is not even that. They add encoded files to the templates with links to their own resources. That is, they use sites for which the following templates are installed to promote their often dubious quality projects with a loss, respectively, for your sites. And, of course, without your consent.

How is this realized? Download from the site, the same free WordPress templates. In the footer of such a template, there are usually links to its author. But, since these links are open, there is no difficulty in inserting their own instead. And these unscrupulous “entrepreneurs” code them, linking them with the layout elements of the site so that when you delete these links, the site falls apart. Then everyone can download WordPress templates for free. And as experts say, this is not the worst case. Most often, other people’s links are protected in functions or index files, where they can be deleted very difficult.

And the only advice that you can give in this case is to download free WordPress templates, and other engines, so do not download from dubious resources.