Logo design

The logo is a vivid and recognizable graphic element that represents the nature of your business with visual images. Developing a logo by professionals will help to create a good image for your company.

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Своєрідний функціонал, створення іконок для сайту,We form the semantic core, that refers to the meaning or interpretation of a word of which the search engine is constructed.

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Верстка сайту по макету, PSD, Розробка сайтів РівнеFree full optimization of your site.

Stages of Logo Design

Создание сайтов, создание сайта, разработка сайтов

Information analysis

The logo is the first visual element faced by customers, as it is located on business cards, company forms, product packaging and company website. The development of the logo begins with a thorough analysis of the companys nature and its target audience. Our team will create an attractive and high-quality logo that will help you to raise visitor interest and increase customer base.

Logo Concept

Logo design is an important step for the successful development of your business. A logo is a vivid and recognizable graphic element that can combine a company name, a small picture, or a geometric element. The designer will take into account all your wishes during creating a logo and make a graphic image to best represent your company.

Selection of style

The logo should be concise, noticeable and associative to remember. Logo universality is also important because it should be good at a zoom and when is used on different backgrounds. Our team will create a stylish design that won’t look out of date in a few years.

Choosing colors

Correctly chosen color is a very important stage in the logo design, because it can greatly affect the psychology of your customers. Colors have a certain symbolism and different categories of people prefer different colors.

Define the option and layout of the logo

The designer offers several variants of the logo, from which you choose the one that most liked. The revision of the chosen version is carried out taking into account the wishes of the client. Depending on where the logo will be placed, it will be maximally adapted to selected carriers.

The final version is in different formats

Our team will help you to create an effective logo design that you can use in printing and web design. When the logo design is complete, you will receive a folder with a logo in a vector and raster format for printing and use during the site developing.

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