Kinds and types of sites: blog, forum, portal

Before choosing a site’s theme, you should determine what resources exist. All sites are allocated in several categories.


The home page is a fairly popular type of resource when monetization is not part of the main tasks. Resource – a personal website citizen, where he lays his creativity, tells a biography, etc. The home page is interesting to the creator or a small group of his friends. Now many home pages have grown into blogs. Monetizing such a resource is problematic, even if it has high attendance.

Home page, only some organization that is created to promote services, goods are called a business card site. This type of resource has image purposes. To create a website-business card in Kiev is not expensive, and it can become an excellent start to a corporate portal. The difference between the business card and the “home page” is the quality side of the creation, the content content. On such resources is placed specific information. They are monetized very rarely, except when business cards are used for sales.
A satellite is an additional web resource that is created for promotion of the main resource or for earning on advertising exchanges. They can reach thousands of pages in volume.

Information resource

Information site – a resource that is developed for earnings with the use of partner programs of certain topics, contextual advertising. There are resources of commercial subjects, where advertising is expensive, but it is not easy to promote the site. The theme of the sites can be varied. You can not specifically determine which topic is easier to develop sites.


Blog – a diary on the web, in which there is a breakdown of dates. It’s not easy to create a blog, because you should write on topics that are interesting to a large number of visitors. Blogs can be authored (the author’s name is indicated in the name of the resource), where attention is paid to the identity of the creator. The independent blog contains information from various authors, or without attribution. The corporate blog is conducted on behalf of the company. It works as an auxiliary resource for the promotion of the main project. It is used to work as a feedback to customers. There is a collective blog, which is filled with all the participants. In the issue of earning in the network, blogs are promising – you can earn the first money by posting surveys, “guards”.


Forum – a resource where people communicate on various topics. They can be general or narrow-thematic. The forum is convenient for a large number of visitors who want to chat. The forum is simple to develop. The engines are set with a few clicks, and making the settings easy. The website is difficult to promote. Not every visitor, on an empty forum, will immediately write. And most likely will leave, because no one will answer. The forum is considered a necessary component of large resources.


Portal – a great resource, where there are sections of different directions (chat, shops, etc.). The portal is an expensive kind of resource – here you need software from scratch, a lot of content. To promote the need for large monetary investment, but the income will be significant. For the development of the portal, it is not necessary to take a beginner. You should train on simple projects.