Facebook patented the concept of a unique robot-helper

Modern robotics, no doubt, is extremely useful and even necessary in many areas of human activity. That is why the well-known social network Facebook decided to help on its part in developing new types of devices that can demonstrate really amazing functionality for little money. Today it became known that Facebook received a patent for the development of a unique robot for work on the warehouse, the main feature of which is the possibility of automatic transformation from two-wheeled to three-wheeled, as necessary.

The patent was received directly by Scott Wiley, a Facebook employee – and the grantor of the patent in this case directly acts as the official US Patent Office. The robot presented by the concept artas and descriptions of specialists is on the one hand an ordinary robot-helper able to store and carry heavy and oversized things, but on the other hand – a real helper to the person himself.

In the second mode, when the robot switches to the third wheel, it is transformed into a full-fledged virtual assistant with a camera, sensors and a microphone, to interact with the user. However, this type of three-wheeled robot is not the first of its kind – the company Segway introduced a similar one, however this model has a great functionality and mobility.

Specialists of the company Facebook can only test the ready-made robot concept in the present case, but so far the concept is being developed and supplemented. Some technological Internet publications have already noted the very impressive functionality of the robot and the fact that it is thanks to the automatic mode of switching to three wheels that the model eliminates a lot of common problems of such robotics, ranging from low mobility in a limited space and ending with low reliability of operation of the robot in dangerous external conditions environment. It remains only to wait for preliminary feedback!