Corporate Style

Corporate style is a visual identification of your company. Our team will help you to create a unique corporate identity that will highlight your company and its products among the diversity of others.

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Corporate style. Stages of design

Создание сайтов, создание сайта, разработка сайтов

Information analysis

The corporate style design begins with a thorough analysis of the nature of the firm’s activities for its target audience and the relevant market area. The corporate style is a collection of techniques and elements specially designed to create a visual that’s why it is easily remembered and associated with the company, its activities and products.

Search for an idea

A well-chosen conceptual idea and its embodiment is
an important part in the process of creating your corporate style. The corporate style identifies the image of your company and is an important element of branding. Thanks to the well-chosen image, the presentation of your company will be successful and distinguished among competitors.

Selection of a graphic solution

Our team performs individually designing graphics of each project. We define priority corporate colors, usually using one, two, maximum of three shades, and graphic objects based on which the sketches are made. Particular attention is paid to the fonts for a successful description of the company’s image.

Formation of a brand book

We form a brandbook only after the approval of all elements and colors of the corporate style. It contains and details all the elements of the corporate style and business documentation, and provides recommendations for the introduction of corporate identity in the enterprise and the rules of use. You can use the brandbook to print printed products, web design and site creation.

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