Banner is one of the most effective types of Internet advertising to promote your products or services. The GreenCode Web Studio Team will create a banner that will visually attract and engage potential customers and match the image of the company it presents.

Налаштування SEO панелі, просування сайтівWebsite promotion in top search engines with unique articles

Своєрідний функціонал, створення іконок для сайту,We form the semantic core, that refers to the meaning or interpretation of a word of which the search engine is constructed.

Free installation and configuration of the SEO service and description of the main pages

Верстка сайту по макету, PSD, Розробка сайтів РівнеFree full optimization of your site.

Banner Creation Sequence

Создание сайтов, создание сайта, разработка сайтов

Search ideas

Banner is a graphical, static or animated ad unit, clicking on which user goes to your website page. An analysis of the nature of the firm’s business and its target audience is processed that helps to reflect the essence of the advertising proposal and involve potential clients. That’s a basis of which the search for the best idea for the banner is being searched.

Animation script

Animated banners are more effective – due to the movement they attract more attention than static. There is a choice of type of animation for a banner – Flash or Gif. At this stage, an animation script that describes the graphic elements and text is created and will be used in the banner – that’s how the animation will take place.

Selection of a graphic solution

The banner should correspond to the image of the company and its visual design should cause visitors desire to read more about the advertised product. Our designers develop the previous graphic layout and send you for approval after reconciling all the details of the project.

Completion of the final version

Website promotion includes various ways to advertise your web page. One of these methods is banner advertising. Our team will create an effective, visible but non-intrusive banner for successful advertising of goods or services. The animation of the banner will be applied after the final approval of the layout, taking into account all corrections of the static version and will be transferred to the customer.

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