Viacheslav Huliaev

WordPress Developer

The super-busy  life of the party. A fan of pistachios and Superman. In his spare time – saves the world!

Ihor Uskewich

Project Manager

Has the magical skill of increasing the percentage of the team’s performance with one blow.

Ivanka Khomyshyn

Content Manager

The funnest cog of our team. She knows how to make everyone laugh but she doesn’t have this way of calming us down. Code name “Husky”=)

Olia Voitovych

Web Designer

She loves to travel and grow cacti. The most stress-resistant employee of the GreenCode team.

Valeriia Parfeniuk

SMM Manager

Little philosopher. Loves books and spontaneous decisions. Sometimes, after such decisions, it is necessary to search her for a long time =)

Welcome to our GreenCode Company

Have you ever heard about GreenCode Company? No? Then we want to immediately correct this! After all, our company is young, energetic and creative workers, professionally relate to the tasks set who are able to implement any idea of ​​the customer.

Interesting? Then lets continue our acquaintance!

Our team consists exclusively of modern specialists. We have a fresh look and an individual approach to each client. We are a young team with greater ambitions and an ever greater potential.

Professionalism and responsibility are in our blood. The correctness of the actions at all the stages of the implementation of the technical assignment in combination with the team work allows us to perform the tasks at the highest level.

Our team is a harmonious combination of business and friendly relations, so you can forget about the tense atmosphere. We always support each other and help not only in the work but also in life. Therefore, our ideas are not run along the walls of the office. Sometimes, our best ideas appear during having a cup of coffee or lunch. And we think it’s cool!


GreenCode is a vivid example of the fact that not always “work” can cause only negative thoughts and emotions.

That’s what makes this company special, unlike any other. It’s like our home, which we try to wrap up with the love of our satisfied customers and create inside a warm, homely atmosphere in which one wants to spend time with benefit, and work for results.

Создание сайтов, создание сайта, разработка сайтов
Создание сайтов, создание сайта, разработка сайтов